DeWalt DCGG571M1 20v Grease Gun Review

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Okay, so cordless grease guns may not be the sexiest tool around. But, when you need one, you need one; and when you need one, the DeWalt DCGG571M1 is a pretty good gun.

Most of us don’t really shop around for a power grease gun. If we grease anything, we use a hand pump model. But if you’re going to be greasing industrial equipment, you’d better find yourself a power grease gun, or your arm is going to get tired. Not only are there a lot of points to lube, but you’re going to pump a lot of grease into each of them; more than you would on a car.

The other big problem when greasing industrial equipment is that a lot of the grease fittings are hard to get to. DeWalt answers that problem on this gun by providing a 42 inch flexible hose, which is longer than any other cordless grease gun I’ve seen, except the Milwaukee 2646-21CT. Actually, that Milwaukee is the only other grease gun I’ve seen that will match this one for pressures as well.

High pressure is necessary to bust through clogged grease fittings. The grease in the fitting can solidify from heat. By providing a high pressure pump, DeWalt prevents the gun from jamming, breaking through that solidified grease, so you can get the job done.

The LED work light on the motor housing is a nice innovation. Of course, these are becoming more and more common on cordless tools. Even so, this is the first one I’ve seen on a grease gun.

This is definitely a more powerful gun than the Lincoln 1244 PowerLuber or the Plews 30-600. However, it does have a little higher price tag as well. It’s not quite as high as the Milwaukee 2646-21CT, but it is higher than the Milwaukee 2446-21XC.

Product Features:

  • 10,000 max PSI of pressure
  • High volume pump pushes up to 5 oz of grease per minute
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Can dispense up to 12 cartridges per charge
  • Extra long 42” flexible hose
  • Innovative pump filter screen
  • Air bleeder valve to assist in pump priming after cartridge change
  • LED work light on pump to help find fittings


  • I know this thing is new, but for some reason, it doesn’t show up on DeWalt website yet
  • Price is a bit higher than other units, but not the highest around


  • 10,000 PSI max pressure opens up even the most stubborn clogged grease fittings
  • Extra-long hose and LED work light are nice in those hard-to-reach spots
  • Designed for high-volume work


All in all, I’d give the DeWalt DCGG571M1 high marks; a nice set of features in a powerful gun. If you’re looking for a quality grease gun for those tough jobs take a look at this one.

This gun is available at Amazon, Home Depot, Power Tool Super Center, and ACME Tools. Amazon is slightly less expensive compared to the other websites.

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