DeWalt DCN690M1 Review

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This Framing Nailer is no longer available… Typically, a framing nailer is a framing nailer. But the DeWalt DCN690M1 is rather unique. Not only is it  a nice, compact unit, which can be used in tight spots, but it uses a gas-free engine, eliminating the need for buying gas cartridges.

Ever since the Senco Fusion F-15 came out, I’ve been a big fan of gas-free cordless nailers. I never did like the idea of having to buy the gas cartridges, nor did I like the smell of the burnt gas. Well, DeWalt has taken cordless and gasless to a whole new level with this nailer, making what I think is the first cordless and gasless framing nailer.

This nailer has all the features you’d expect to find in a quality nailer, but adds a few that you don’t always see. They’ve given it a 4.0 Ah Li-Ion battery, which is the biggest Li-Ion I’ve seen on a power tool. That should provide longer life between charges, even without the gas cartridge. They’ve also given it a switchable trigger. I don’t know why everyone can’t do that, but some manufacturers still make you pull one trigger out to put the other one in.

Like most cordless nailers, this one only holds 50 nails in the magazine. While that’s an inconvenience, it does make it possible to use these nailers for tight spots, where a normal framing nailer can’t be used. The one thing it really has going against it is the price. It tops Passlode’s CF325Li and Senco’s GT90CH by over a hundred dollars; but that’s not unusual for a gasless cordless nailer.

Product Features:

  • Cordless framing nailer, operates off of a 20 volt, 4.0 Ah Li-Ion battery
  • No gas cartridges to worry about
  • Brushless motor and engine design for lower maintenance
  • Consistent penetration into both soft and hard woods
  • Switchable bump fire and sequential fire trigger modes
  • Easy-open nosepiece for jam removal
  • Impact resistant, removable top cap for troubleshooting
  • Trigger lock-off for safety
  • Comes with: one 4.0 Ah Li-Ion battery, fast charger, no-mar tip, and case


  • Magazine only holds 50 nails
  • Rather pricey


  • Shorter magazine makes for a more compact unit, allowing this nailer to be used in places where framing nailer can’t normally go
  • Gas-free engine design doesn’t require the use of gas cartridges
  • High battery capacity for longer use between charges


I really like the DeWalt DCN690M1 Li-Ion cordless nailer; more than anything because it’s a gasless nailer. As best I know, this is the first framing nailer on the market that doesn’t use gas cartridges. That makes it great for remodeling jobs where the homeowner is in the house and might not like the smell of the burnt gas.

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