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Work Sharp’s WSKTS-KT is a very unique knife sharpener. It uses a flexible belt, making it possible to use this sharpener for every type of knife and anything else that needs a sharp edge.

This is basically the WSKTS sharpener in a portable kit. The major difference is a carry bag, making it convenient to bring your sharpener with you on hunting trips, going to a construction site, or to grandma’s house to sharpen her knives.

What makes this tool unique is the way that it sharpens. It is essentially a very small belt sander, which uses a flexible belt. Professional knife sharpeners and those who make custom knives use flexible belts as well, albeit much larger than this portable sharpener. This type of system makes it possible for the tool to be used to sharpen literally anything that has an edge on it.

This is about as foolproof as a sharpener can get. However, it’s still possible to have problems and mess up your knives. If you use the coarse belt too much, you can make a dip in your knife blade, right before the handle. This is a common problem with any sort of power knife sharpener, as they are all grinding off part of the metal. Another potential problem is that you can easily round the tips of sharp knives if you’re not careful, as the flexible belt will wrap around them. Care is needed.

Having said that, this is still the best sharpening system around, without spending a fortune on a belt sander. With just a little care and finesse, you can make any knife look and cut like new. You can also use the same tool for sharpening just about anything else you can think of, from lawn mowers to chisels.

Product Features:

  • Can sharpen any type of knife, including tanto blades, fillet knifes, serrated knives and gut hooks
  • Can be used for sharpening any type of tool that requires an edge
  • Comes with guide to help you get the exact angle on your knife
  • Comes with three grades of abrasive belts, coarse (80 grit), medium (220 grit), and fine (6000 grit)
  • Comes with instructional video so that you can get the best results from your sharpener


  • There is a risk of rounding the point on knife blades, due to the flexible belt wrapping around the tip. Extra care is needed to prevent this.
  • This tool is essentially grinding the metal, it will take off more than you expect, especially with the coarse belt. Be careful, you will end up with a dip in the blade near the haft.


  • Very fast and easy to use
  • Can get even dull knife blades to sharpen in a short period of time
  • The guides that come with it make getting the right angle almost foolproof


The Work Sharp WSKTX-KT knife and tool sharpening kit is the best way to get anything sharp. This uses the same system for sharpening that professional sharpeners do. Fast, easy, and almost foolproof, this sharpener is great when you need to do a lot of sharpening, and you don’t have much time to do it in.

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