Stanley Bostitch GF28WW Review

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The Stanley Bostitch GF28WW cordless framing nailer is somewhat of a disappointment. I’ve seen a lot of really good nailers come out of this company, but this isn’t one of them. It has too many problems for any serious user.

Someone said that they thought that this nailer was a copy of the Paslode CF325Li. While it looks a lot like it could be, it definitely doesn’t live up to the reputation. At $100 less than the Paslode, one could give it a little slack, but the fact that it misfires so frequently makes it hard to like the gun.

Stanley obviously was trying to make a compact cordless framing nailer with this model. The small size (for a framing nailer) and relatively light weight make it look like a winner. They mounted the battery inline to give it better balance and help keep the overall length down. The handle is overmolded to make it comfortable to work with. They’ve even included a safety lock-out to keep it from dry-firing; something I think should be on all nailers. Like I said, it looks like it should be a good one. But…

For some reason, there have been some real issues with this gun. The cycle time is extremely slow for a cordless nailer. Both the Hitachi NR90GR and the Paslode I’ve already mentioned beat it on the cycle time. But, the big issue is misfires. This framing nailer seems to have more than its fair share of them, each of which slows you down while you’re working.

I think they need to take this one back to the drawing board. A few minor tweaks, and they might have a really nice gun here.

Product Features:

  • Drives up to 3-1/2 inch nails
  • Low nail lock-out prevents dry fire
  • Depth adjustment for precise countersink adjustment
  • Adjustable rafter hook
  • Overmolded grip
  • Includes: case, charger, and 7.2v Ni-Cd battery


  • At 8.3 pounds, it’s a full pound heavier than the Paslode CF325Li
  • It has problems with misfiring
  • Only comes with one battery, and replacements are not yet available
  • Slow to cycle
  • Gas cartridges are hard to find
  • The depth adjustment is not tool-less


  • Inline battery makes for great balance
  • The low nail lock-out keeps you from damaging the nailer


The bottom line – don’t buy the GF28WW. Yeah, the price is great and the gun looks to be very well designed. But it has too many problems, especially with misfires. Every misfire is gas that’s used up, without anything to show for it. Add that to the slow cycle time, and it’s not top dog on my list. 

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