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The Makita AN453 roofing nailer may not be the best tool that Makita’s ever put out. While the design seems to be well thought out, there’s a quality problem that keeps them from driving the nails all the way in.

Let me start by saying that I’m a big Makita fan. However, even the best companies can blow it once in a while. This seems to be Makita’s time to blow it. While their siding coil nailer (AN611) is a great tool, this one doesn’t seem as good. People have had problems with them not driving the nails all the way in, something that’s essential for the high production work of roofing.

The tool is really lightweight, at only 5.2 pounds. That makes it a full pound lighter than the DeWalt D51321. The only roofing nailer that I’ve seen which is lighter than it is the Bostitch RN46, which comes in at 4.8 pounds.

They’ve also made everything tool-less on this nailer, like many of the high quality newer air and cordless nailers on the market. You can set the shingle guide, open the nosepiece and set the nail depth all without using tools. The nail depth has 9 settings, eliminating a lot of the guesswork.

If I could count on the nailer always getting the nail in, I’d say it’s a great tool. But, from what I’ve seen, they don’t always do that. Considering that’s the most important thing a nailer has to do, I’d avoid buying this one. The Hitachi NV45AB2 costs a bit more, but seems to be much more consistent in getting the nails to the right depth.

Product Features:

  • Lightweight at only 5.2 pounds
  • Tool-less depth adjustment with 9 settings
  • Tool-less shingle guide
  • Large carbide inserts on the nose piece for long-lasting performance
  • Rubberized handle for comfort
  • Oversized steel wear plates reduce abrasion on tool
  • Nose assembly is easily opened for clearing jams and cleaning
  • Comes with: oil supply, hex wrench, and safety glasses


  • This one seems to have some quality problems
  • Doesn’t drive the nails all the way in, even at the highest setting


  • Designed for long-life, with carbide inserts in the nose and steel wear plates on the tool
  • Everything that needs to be adjusted is tool-less for faster work
  • Relatively lightweight with a rubberized handle for comfort


While Makita is known for quality tools, this AN453 roofing nailer doesn’t seem to be one of their best ones. Everything about it looks good, but it doesn’t consistently drive the nails all the way down. Unless you like following your nailer with a hammer, I’d avoid this one. 

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