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Okay, before you turn your nose up at this drill, not everyone can afford to spend almost $200 on a name brand cordless drill. For those who need an inexpensive cordless for home projects, this one seems to be a winner. You can’t beat the price of this Genesis GCD18BK.

What? Doing a review on an “el-cheapo” drill? Yes I am. Why? Because it’s worth taking a look at; not everyone can afford to drop $150 or more on a drill. For those that can’t this is a very nice drill, with good power and some nice features built-in.

To give this drill an honest review, we need to get the image of the big name brand drills out of our minds. This one really can’t compete with them. It doesn’t have anywhere near the power of Hitachi’s DS18DSAL or Makita’s LXFD01CW. But, it doesn’t have their price either. While it isn’t a powerhouse, I found it to have enough power for most tasks; even sinking 2-1/2” drywall screws. Although I wouldn’t try a screw that long on a weak battery.

The manufacturer doesn’t list the battery type on their website, so I’m pretty sure that this unit comes with a Ni-Cad battery. That has advantages and disadvantages. While the Ni-Cad takes considerably longer to charge, its discharge rate while sitting on the shelf is considerably lower as well. For those that only use their cordless drill once in a while, that’s important.

The drill comes with a 16 position clutch, which is adequate, an electric brake, which surprised me and a LED headlight, which really surprised me. While many high dollar drills now have those, I really didn’t expect to find one on a budget model like this. All in all, for the homeowner who only needs a cordless drill once in a while, this looks like a good tool to own.

Product Features:

  • Built-in LED work light
  • On-board bubble level
  • Electric brake
  • 3/8” keyless chuck
  • 16 position clutch
  • Magnetic bit tray
  • Comes with: 13 piece bit set, 1 18-volt Ni-Cad battery, charger, and case


  • Chuck is only 3/8”, not 1/2”
  • Ni-Cad batteries, instead of Li-Ion
  • Only comes with one battery


  • Charge indicator on battery charger, most don’t bother with this
  • LED headlight comes on whenever you squeeze the trigger
  • Hey, they actually put a bubble level on this cheap a drill
  • The price, wow!


Okay, the Genesis GCD18BK isn’t a name brand and it isn’t a high power drill; but for the homeowner who needs a cordless drill for home projects and repairs, this is one nice drill. They’ve even put some nice features in it, like a LED work light and a built-in level (I need those). For the price, you really can’t beat this one. 

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