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Do you need a stick welder? Stick welders are portable, running on 115v and use rods that you feed into it. The Campbell Hausfeld WS0990 Stick Welder is one model that I have chosen to review below. It is an excellent starter model and gets the job done on a budget.

The stick welder models are great for hobbyists and novices. It produces a smooth arc that makes it easier to get a handle on. In addition, it has a thermal protector that shuts off before overheating. The Duty cycle is 10 percent of at 70 amps. The Campbell Hausfeld weighs 23 pounds so it is easy to carry. It is easy to use if you haven’t used stick welders before. You can find tutorial videos on how to use stick welders and DIY projects on YouTube. Arc welding requires some technique, but it is a learning curve that all can master with some trust in yourself.

This model is great for work on sheet metal, vehicle trailers, and repairs around the house. It is also great for fixing equipment, and vehicle repairs, lawn mowers, etc. There is a customer review on Amazon that says this model won’t weld 1/8 and 1/4 guage wire, so bear this in mind. At the same time, this model is such a great buy for its class that unless you have specific needs, you aren’t going to find many other models with this amount of value, in my opinion.

List of features highlighted for my Campbell Hausfeld WS0990 Review:

  • According to the manufacturer, this product can weld 18 guage to 1/8 guage.
  • This product weighs only 23 pounds, so you can even put it in the car and port it around.
  • It runs on a standard 115v power source.
  • There is a thermal load protector to keep the unit from overheating.
  • 5 year warranty from manufacturer.
  • It comes with a Hammer, Brush, Electrode Starter Pack, and Hand Shield.

  • Light stick welding models may not necessarily be adequate for heavy duty usage.


  • Cost effective welding solution
  • Very portable
  • Accepts 115v power.

Conclusion:  The Campbell Hausfeld WS0990 is a great starter model for welding. It is good for those who have light usage, such as repairs for the RV, or making sheet metal projects. It has great value if you only need a light stick welder. You can buy rods for it on Amazon. 

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